A Package Protection Parable

A Package Protection Parable

17th Aug 2023

Bucky Wilder here. I’ve had a lot of jobs in my life. I stomped grapes at a vineyard. I worked on a mayonnaise farm (yeah, they’re real). I was a cat herder (also true), and I even worked for a time at Harvard (yup, that one).

I’ve worked with people from all walks of life, some more reasonable than others, and I know a thing or two about making people happy. I also know a thing or two about keeping it reasonable.

The reason I bring this up is that we’ve recently updated our official Package Protection Policy. This may make some of our valued customers happy. Others might have their gripes.

The policy is quite clear in what it covers, what it does not, and what it requires.

If you purchase package protection at checkout (it costs 8% of your order total), and report it within 30 days as lost or damaged, we will investigate and get a solution, whether that be refund or replacement. We may request photos, and an adult signature is mandatory.

Some considerations that package protection covers are incorrect addresses, package delivery unsuccessful after multiple attempts, delivery refused, the hold expired or the package was unclaimed, lack of valid recipient ID, or a carrier processing error.

But I need to save my breath. For more detailed information, please see the link to our Package Protection Policy page via the previous link.

So, for instance, if you buy a case of 7.62 full metal jacket cartridges from us, and the carrier made a processing error, we will reship to you at no additional cost.

If you purchased those 7.62 full-metal jacket cartridges and there was no recipient around with valid proof of age or ID at the time of delivery, we may also reship to you at no additional cost.

We make generous provisions, but there are some things that Package Protection does not cover.

Package Protection will not cover the cost or reshipping an order if it is returned due to user error. (So, for instance, if you mistakenly buy 7.62 full-metal jacket ammo because you read the listing wrong, you will have to cover the cost of reshipping.)

We will contact you if an order is deemed undeliverable due to incomplete or incorrect address information, and will request an updated address,

If the order is canceled (per your request) we will grant you a refund, less a $10 processing fee.

If you do not purchase Package Protection, and report a package as lost or stolen within 30 days, we will open an investigation. If appropriate we will file a claim and if details are confirmed we will refund the full amount of the purchase.

Without Package Protection, we will not grant replacements.

Now I recognize that these terms may not be to everyone’s liking. Here at Bucking Horse Outpost we do our best to make sure everyone’s happy.

But making sure everyone’s happy is a tough ticket to sell.

I believe Aesop said it better than me. Here’s a tale I heard by-the-by at one point during the course of my many careers.

There was once a man and his son taking a donkey to market. A passerby noticed them, and in jeering, scolding them for not riding the donkey.

The man thought well of this and let his son ride on the donkey’s back. A bit down the road, another passerby scoffed at the youngin’ for his laziness, while his elder father walked alongside.

So they switched places. Further on, another group of people chided the father for being self-indulgent, and forcing his poor young son to go it by foot.

                         7.62 full metal jacket

So they both rode on. But once they got to town, the entire populace laughed and cried at their foolishness, lambasting the man and his son for overworking the poor beast.

This made them scratch their heads, but they thought and thought and finally found a solution to fix the problem.

They dismounted, picked up the donkey, bound his hooves together, and lashed him to a pole.

Carrying the donkey hanging from the pole (which the old donkey liked about as much as you or I might suspect) they went their way through the town.

Just before the market they came upon a bridge. The donkey, seeing this, was startled, and began to kick furiously.

He loosed one of his hooves, forcing the man and his son to lose their grip on the pole. The donkey tumbled over the bridge and into the water, and with his other three hooves bound, he drowned.

Now, you can say what you want, but I’ve learned this takeaway: if you try to please everyone, you’ll end up losing your own ass.

So, our policy does the best for us and the majority of our customers as we can manage. For a more thorough breakdown of the terms, please see the link above.