Our Story

Our founder, Bucky Wilder, has a past as wild as a bronco ride, and he’s darn proud of it. You’re probably thinking right now that he must have lived the cowboy lifestyle and traveled the rodeo circuit, right? Nope. His early years were not as glamorous as that.

Born the seventh child of a circus clown and a blind tarot card reader, Bucky’s folks had a lot of mouths to feed, so Bucky had to start working young. Since the only carnival jobs available to him involved hand feeding dangerous animals and brushing their hair, he struck out on his own.

He had large feet and good balance, so he worked for a time stomping grapes. When that job soured, he moved on to being a scarecrow which he was good at because he was tall, skinny, twitchy, and didn’t say much. He lost that job when he became friends with the crows, and he got a job working on a mayonnaise farm, but it didn’t take long to learn he couldn’t cut the mustard there. Bucky then turned briefly to animal care, working jobs ranging from rattlesnake milking to cat herding.

Deciding it was time to focus on his mental prowess, he got a custodial job at Harvard, eavesdropping around the math department hoping to learn how to solve complex mathematical theorems. When that didn’t work out, he went to Tibet on a spiritual journey but soon discovered it’s hard to fill your stomach with deep thoughts, so he got a job as a Sherpa. He quickly developed an aversion to altitude and frostbite, so he scraped together the funds to return to the states and headed south. When he failed to reel in profits as a shrimp boat captain, he tried several other careers. Unfortunately, he kept running into obstacles. He wanted to be a baker, but he couldn’t raise the dough. He gave photography a shot, but things didn’t develop. He wanted to become a doctor, but he did have enough patience.

Suffice it to say Bucky may not be the most talented individual, but he is resourceful, and he always seems to land on his feet. He may also be part cat and have nine lives, but we’ve been unable to confirm that.

All this silliness aside, we can fast-forward to 2020 and we all probably know the story from there. The world went to you-know-where in a handbasket and just getting by became a little scary for everyone, right? The events of recent years have truly brought out Bucky’s sense of patriotic duty and coupled with his resourcefulness, he decided to launch Bucking Horse Outpost to help support every citizen’s 2nd Amendment rights. While we don’t offer firearms, we will do our level best to maintain a supply of ammunition that can be difficult to obtain these days.

So we welcome you to the Outpost, we hope you find what you need, and if you don’t, be sure to shoot us a note or suggestion. Thank you and God Bless!