Sighting in with Ammo Inc. 7.62 Full Metal Jacket Ammo

Sighting in with Ammo Inc. 7.62 Full Metal Jacket Ammo

30th Aug 2023

Ammo Inc. 7.62 full metal jacket ammo is loaded to the strictest standards and offers shooters a high ballistic coefficient and flatter trajectory.

It is also loaded into affordable, soft steel cases, and unlike some former milsurp ammos, is loaded with non-corrosive primers, making it better for your gun.

They’re loaded for reliability in a wide range of climatic conditions and in autoloading actions, as well as for accuracy at greater ranges.

On that note - here are some helpful tips for sighting in your rifle when shooting Ammo Inc. 7.62 full-metal jacket ammo.

How to Sight in Your Rifle

To sight in any rifle, you’ll want to start close. Start by setting up a target at 25 yards. Make sure you have a clear line of sight to the target. Ensure the target is well-supported and will not move.

For the purposes of sighting in, you’re going to want to have good support for the rifle. It’s difficult to impossible to sight in shooting standing or off-hand. Get a good bench rest, some shooting bags, or at worst, use a pack to support your rifle.

Load your rifle, take aim, and carefully fire three shots at a point on the target. Take your time, you want to be as accurate as possible.

Take note of where the shots landed on the target. Even if they were not where you were aiming, they should have been grouped fairly close together.

If they are not closely grouped, adjust the sights on your rifle until they are. For most rifles, this will require you to adjust the rear sight only.

You need to move the sight in the opposite apparent direction of where the shots landed. If they were high from your point of aim, you need to lower the rear sight; if they were to the right of the point of aim, you need to move the rear sight to the left, and vice versa.

                                      7.62 full metal jacket

After the initial adjustment, fire three more shots on target at the same, or a different point of aim. Firing at a different spot on the target can make shot tracing easier.

Fine-tune your sights in the method described above until your sights correspond with the point of aim you’re taking at the target.

At this point, your rifle will be basically zeroed with Ammo Inc. 7.62 full metal jacket ammo at 25 yards. If you want, you can move the target out to 50 or even 75 yards to sight it in at a greater distance. A common range for sighting-in is 100 yards.

You can also sight in a rifle using optics in the method described above although there is a slight discrepancy in practice. If shooting through a scope, fire three shots at the target, and then, using the windage and elevation adjustments on the scope tube, move the reticle towards the point of impact. The same method applies for sighting in with a red dot optic; you want to move the red dot toward the point of impact.

Continue to adjust your reticle or red dot until it matches the point of impact as closely as possible.

When complete, your rifle will effectively be sighted in with Ammo Inc. 7.62 full metal jacket ammo.

7.62 Full Metal Jacket: Maximum Effective Range

The effective range of 7.62x39mm ammo is a product of cartridge design more than rifle design. For most applications, 200 yards is pushing it. This cartridge was intended as an intermediate cartridge to be used at short to medium ranges.

Most shooters will find that the effective range of 7.62x39mm ammo extends to about 200 yards. You may be able to shoot accurately at greater distances by mounting a scope, but this cartridge also produces a somewhat drooping trajectory. Most rounds will drop by 10 inches or so at 200 yards and can drop by more than 24 inches at 300 yards.

Consequently, this cartridge does best when reserved for sporting and defensive applications within 200 yards, and performs best within 100.

Remember also to suit the bullet type to the applications. Reserve 7.62 full metal jacket ammo for target shooting and competition and use hollow point or soft point ammo for hunting or defensive applications.

                     7.62 full metal jacket

Keeping Your Gun Clean

One more thing to note about shooting 7.62x39mm ammo. Many famous platforms chambered in this cartridge, like the SKS and AK-47, are gas-operated rifles.

These rifles are extremely prone to fouling accumulation in their gas systems and actions, as well as in and around the chamber. Even if the ammo you shoot is non-corrosive, an excess accumulation of fouling will prevent proper feeding and firing. It can also cause jams as well as extraction issues.

Therefore, it’s best to keep your rifle as clean as possible. This will ensure more fluid cycling and can potentially improve accuracy as well.

7.62 Full Metal Jacket at Affordable Prices

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