A Vindication of .223 (and Bulk Ammo Purchases)

A Vindication of .223 (and Bulk Ammo Purchases)

18th May 2024

We recently published an article on why .22LR really is a great cartridge. The best, perhaps - in some ways, at least.

This post is going to honor a different cartridge, the .223, another .22 caliber cartridge, but a much larger, centerfire one - perhaps the centerfire equivalent to the old “long rifle.”

So, with no further ado, let’s get right to the bottom of why the .223 Remington is such a great cartridge.

Low Recoil

If you love the .22LR because it produces low recoil, then as far as centerfire cartridges go, you have to love .223.

Obviously, recoil energy is dependent on load data and firearm weight, but you can expect most cartridges loaded with either 55 grain or 62 grain bullets to produce somewhere between 2.5 and 4 ft-lbs of recoil energy.

That’s low. Like really low. Just compare it to .308 Winchester which usually produces 7.5 to 9 ft-lbs of recoil energy, and also is considered a low-recoil cartridge.

This makes .223 Remington not only great for beginner shooters, but also for high-volume competition because you can shoot it all day long without getting tired.

Low Cost

                 .22LR really is a great cartridg

Sure, we’re living in an era in which ammo prices are not shy of ridiculous. No one could have seen this coming 5 years ago, but all the same, .223 remains fairly affordable as cartridges go.

If you buy .223 bulk ammo, you can engineer prices down - sometimes nearly as low as 50 cents a pop. That’s pretty cheap, all else considered. Anything centerfire for close to 50 cents is a bargain nowadays.

Which, again, makes it great for high-volume targeting shooting, training, and competition because not only won’t you break your shoulder, you won’t break the bank.

Low Weight and Bulk

A whole bunch of mags loaded with .223 Remington ammo are smaller and lighter than mags loaded with .308, .30-06 or other centerfire ammunition - no question.

This makes it easier to carry more ammo in the field. Not a huge deal at the range, you can just tote a bucket to the bench, but for backcountry hunters, that’s sort of (to definitely) a selling point. 

Wide Availability

You won’t be able to get .223 bulk ammo as easily as you’ll be able to come by rimfire, specifically .22LR, but it’s still a close second.

There are a few rounds that every gun shop carries, even if they occasionally experience stockouts - .22LR, 12 gauge fine shot, 9mm full metal jacket, .223 Remington. You get the picture.

The fact that this is a close cousin to the 5.56 NATO ammo and that so many sporting firearms are chambered in it keeps it popular enough that you’re usually never that far from .223 Rem, if not .223 bulk ammo.

Excellent Long-Range Performance

The .223 Remington is simply one of the best long-range shooters out there, and unlike some other flat shooters, a couple rounds won’t completely burn out your barrel.

It offers the perfect balance between ballistic coefficient and chamber pressure to give you a long-lasting gun that shoots straight and flat.

Regardless of bullet weight and load data, this is a flat-shooting rifle cartridge, and of course figures will vary, but zeroed at 100 yards you could have a .223 rifle with shots that only drop somewhere around 6.5” at 250 yards. That’s flat by any standard.

And so, .223, despite being relatively low powered as a centerfire cartridge, makes a great long-distance competition cartridge.

Suitability As a Hunting Cartridge

The truth about .223 is that despite what some might say, it is an excellent hunting cartridge. With proper shot placement, you can kill wild game as large as deer with it, and honestly much larger (even though it might not be an approved cartridge in your state for this type of game).

It is accurate, and loaded with an appropriate bullet, is exceptional for both small and medium game. Many prefer it for predators, specifically coyotes.

                 223 bulk ammo

General Versatility

All in all, there isn’t much you can’t do with .223. It makes a great competition cartridge, has sporting and defensive applications, is great for range therapy, and is suitable for beginners shooters because of its low recoil and low cost.

The Amount of Platforms Built Around It

Last but not least, there are tons and tons of rifles that have been built around .223 Remington, not just gas-powered AR style platforms, but bolt action, single-shot, and even some lever action rifles. If you love the action, there’s a good chance you can get it chambered in .223.

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